Thursday, 24 September 2009

Visualization techniques: The 2nd edition of my 1st Book

Hi All,

The 2nd edition of my 1st book is due out in October .
In this 2nd edition, Roger and I have just taken everything to the next level.
We have meticulously covered very important subjects such as:

.3D Photomontage

.Verified views

.Lighting large interior spaces such as Atriums (i.e. cover image)

.Lighting medium size night interior scenes

.Lighting medium size daylight interior scenes

.Lighting exterior scenes with mr Daylight system

.Mr Physical Sky

.Network rendering

.Batch render

.Mental Ray settings

.Mental Ray Proxies

.Overview of most mental ray shaders

.Cad Transfer

.Common Errors

.More bonus material covering most mental ray tips and tricks; texture baking; caustics; camera effects and much more.

Most featured tutorials are based on real oppose to non project related/fictional scenes.
This 2nd edition is unlike anything seen to keep an eye out for it:


  1. I have several student using your book. They are all running 3ds Max 2010. Several of the students as well as myself are getting this error.
    mental ray error "the render was cancelled due to insufficient memory. adjust the scene or render setting to reduce memory usage and try again.

    Other students are rendering without any issues. They have had success running 2010, Vista 32 and 64bit. I am lost. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Glenn,

    There could be a number of reasons for this error.
    In order to establish the main reason for this problem, I need to know the following:

    1-What version of max were you using before the fatal error message (IE 64 or 32)?

    2-What resolution size were you rendering at?

    3-Have you pre- saved your fg solution prior to rendering?

    4-How big is your 3d scene?

    5-Are you using network rendering?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.



  3. Jamie, Thanks for the quick reply. The model we are attempting to render is from your book, chapter 4, Harbour_Materials_Start.max. The image size is 500 x 277 as established in the tutorial. I was just trying to render the "start" file as stated in section 4.2, step 16, page 133. I was using Max Design 2010 32 bit, Service Pack 1. Unless the settings were preset in the file, I did not pre-save the fg solution prior to rendering. As I stated above some students have had no problems others and myself have.
    Thanks again,

  4. Hi Glenn,

    Can you send me the 3Ds Max file (IE archived) at exact stage where where it ran out of memory?

    I need to emulate your error in order to establish whether your 32 bit system is the main cause of the problem or a bug with your max file.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Hi,

    Sorry for the stupid Question but where can i find the project files?
    Is it possible to give me a link.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi mattias,

    The web address can be found on page X (i.e. last page of "contents" section, across the top).