Thursday, 18 October 2018

Video Editor: How to Trim and Edit your Videos with subtitles/Captions

Play Video in Full HD and with Custom Captions/Subtitles (CC)

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Hi Everyone,

Recently, I've created a two hours video course and paid ($1.00 per minute) to create the subtitles/ captions for it. The total cost was $120.00 for a 120 minutes video.

Before publishing the course on Amazon prime video direct and on Udemy, I was asked to break down the video course into seven separate segments (chapters/lectures).

After editing/cutting the video into seven different segments (chapters/lectures) I was faced with the dilemma of having to pay again ($120.00) to create the captions/subtitles of the same video (cut/trimmed/edited); or find a software that could edit/trim the video and its subtitles /captions simultaneously  from the video editing software itself.

After a thorough search on google and Youtube (for two days), I was lucky enough (:0)  to find a video editing software called  SolveignMM 

 This unique video editor allows users  to trim/cut  and export segments  of an existing video and its subtitles,  into separate files, within seconds.

-How to use SolveignMM  video editor :

1-First, Your subtitle file (e.g. SRT, VTT, etc) and Video, need to be in the same location, and have the same exact name .

2-Next, import, or drag & drop your Video footage into the timeline.

3-Choose the areas you want to cut;  and  click Save.

4-Pick the default file extension (e.g. MP4 files).

5-Enable the,  Use mask for output file names  function, to add the _0001.

6-Click on the select streams toggle, to see the list of file types to be saved (e.g. subtitles, video, etc); and click OK.

7-Choose a new Folder destination for the new files;  and click Save.

Once the files have been saved, simply locate and open the new trimmed video with subtitles.

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Why it's imperative to use Captions/Subtitles with your Video/film content? 

Google, Facebook, Youtube and most searching engines will have a better understanding of your Video content,  and rank them higher, if you add subtitles/captions in them.

Also, Amazon Prime Video Direct only accept Films/Videos from creators who use subtitles/captions.

As mentioned earlier, creates subtitles/captions for $1 per minute

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Finally, below is a FREE link to convert most subtitle file formats into a VTT file type:

I hope you have found this article useful.

Kind Regards

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