Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Full Post-Production Tutorial for Exterior Daylight Render

(Custom Captions/Subtitles)

Hi All,

Check out  this New in-depth step-by-step Video tutorial  about amazing post-production techniques for exterior daylight renders.

=The 3dfiles/Projects,Textures,Photoshop files, and the Render Elements,are FREE for my Patreon supporters; and FREE for those who already have this Exterior Rendering Tutorial files/Video HERE.

My Full Courses are also Available on Udemy website seen on the link below:

$9.99 if you enter My Udemy Coupon: 3E58-7H4K-9XKH-5C32

=To access this Full Class/Course separately (Full Daylight Exterior Tutorial with 3d files/projects, textures, PS files, Full Videos, etc), simply buy it for  $10 on the link below:


You don't need to provide your postal address details, or have a  PayPal account to make a Paypal transaction (Paypal accepts Cards, also).
The above link will take users to the PayPal page. After the transaction is complete, the user will be automatically redirected to a Google drive, to download the 3d assets and the full video tutorial.

=In this final Class/Course, Users are taken through some of the best post-production techniques used in 3d Visualisation and in the Film industry.

Top subjects are covered in detail. Some of these topics explore techniques such as, loading up pre-rendered files into a stack, advanced adjustment layers, masks, groups, layer blending modes, channels, chromatic aberration, brush tools, clipping masks, and much more.

I hope you find useful :0) 

You can watch it in full screen by clicking on its button; or by simply going to my new YouTube channel.

Check out my New Tutorial on how to Light, Shade, Texture, create Render Elements and Render Realistically any Exterior 3dsmax/V-Ray scene, in minutes. Full Video and 3d Project files/Textures are included.

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