Saturday, 20 November 2021

The Ordinary: 3D Rendering cosmetic products for e-commerce

Hi Everyone,

Below are some of many 3d products I'm currently creating for an online cosmetics reseller.
The entire project comprises of marketing images/3d renders and an endless number 3d products with a white background for e-commerce. I have toned down the "whites" a notch for this post, to have more colour/material definition.
However, the 3d renders submitted to the client were much brighter and clinical, as part of the brief to follow the branding guidelines.
I'm using 3ds Max, V-Ray 5, Photoshop and Unreal Engine.

I hope you like the work done so far.

P.S: I'm currently working on a new book with my publisher (Taylor & Francis group) about packaging and product rendering for brands.    



Below are other product renderings and designs I'm currently creating for clients in the cosmetics industry.

P.S: Take care and Stay Safe  

Finally, I have just published a New Book with Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, entitled,  

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max 2020: 3D Rendering Workflows

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