Sunday, 26 August 2018

3ds Max + V-Ray + Photoshop : House Outside Night course

Play Video with Custom Captions/Subtitles

Hello Everyone, 

I'm really pleased to announce the completion of this amazing and extensive course  on how to quickly  achieve compelling  Exterior Night shots, using 3ds max, Vray and Photoshop.

The 3dfiles/Projects,Textures,Photoshop files, and the Render Elements,are FREE for my Patreon supporters .

To access this Full Class/Course separately (Full Daylight Exterior Tutorial with 3d files/projects, textures, PS files, Full Videos, etc), simply buy it for  $10 on the link below:

Play Video with Custom Captions/Subtitles

Alternatively, you can click on the image below, and type in my Udemy Coupon:  JAMIE_NIGHTFCARDOSO7 
to buy the course for $9.99 on

Udemy Link :

The first class, starts with the meticulous process of converting a daylight scene  into a night one, using some of the best techniques with 3ds max and Vray.

The second class takes users through the amazing process of turning this Vray Raw render  into a masterpiece, using Photoshop, in less than an hour.

Both HD Videos can be streamed directly from my server with the captions/subtitles files available.
The HD streaming quality can be set to 1920x1080 from the media player.
Also, the HD Videos come with two downloadable project files.

If you prefer to watch the HD videos from your computer, you can easily insert the captions/subtitles files in Free media players such as VLC .
Captions/subtitles files are in english and can easily be translated to other languages, if required.

The video classes  are currently available for my Patreon supporters, or $10.00 USA to buy, by clicking on the above link:

You don't need to provide your postal address details, or have a  PayPal account to make a Paypal transaction (Paypal accepts Cards, also).

The above link will take users to a paypal page. After the transaction is complete, the user will be automatically redirected to my server, to stream directly or/and download the 3d project files with the video classes.

These classes will also be available on  later, along with the day and night interior scenes. 

I really hope you find my classes useful.         



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