Saturday, 16 June 2018

Photorealistic lighting with 3ds Max and V-Ray: First of Four Tutorials

Hi All,

Check out my New Step-by-Step Video Tutorial series about, Photorealistic lighting with 3ds Max and V-Ray

The 3d Models, Files/ProjectsTextures, and the Full 40 minutes Video Tutorial are FREE for my Patreon supporters to download.

The Atrium course contains Custom Captions/Subtitles, No background music, Project files, textures and All lectures included.
To enable the Custom Captions/Subtitles, simply download the project files, open the video  and upload the relevant SRT file in your VLC media player (VLC media player allows users to upload captions/subtitles) .

This unique in-depth step-by-step course takes users through the Amazing intricacies of Lighting, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, and the Post-Production of the atrium scene, while using 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop (similar post-production techniques can also be used in After Effects) .

The course focuses on the methodical process of:

1- Lighting & Rendering of the Atrium Night scene

2- Shading and optimal parameters for Photorealialism

3- Procedural Texturing

4- Rendering Parameters and Unrivaled settings for post-production

5- Post-production best practices and advance techniques

6-  24/7 Personal Technical Support will be provided to All users enrolled to this course. 

7- The Project Files, HD Videos, 3d Models, Textures, PS files, and much more are available for All Lectures. 

8- You have 30 days money back grantee, if you find this course is not right for you

9- Every technique covered in this course is backed by 10+ years of experience in the 3d Visualization/Production Industry, and popular Books Published on these key subjects .                           

Finally, my methodologies are widely implemented by Award Winning Visualization companies and famous Film Studios World Wide.

Or $10 dollars to buy and download the Atrium course separately (with 3d models, files/projects, textures, PS, Full Videos, etc)  by clicking the link below:

$10.00 Paypal link:

You don't need to provide your postal address details, or have a  PayPal account to make a Paypal transaction (Paypal accepts Cards, also).

The link will take users to a paypal page. After the transaction is complete, the user will be automatically redirected to a Google drive, to access and download the project files and the Video courses.

To follow this tutorial, you'll need the textures and the 3ds Max files.

The Full In-Depth Video Tutorial takes users through the Amazing process of, lighting, shading, texturing, and Rendering this stunning Atrium.

My Full Courses are also Available on Udemy website seen on the link below, for $19.99

Or $9.99 if you enter My Udemy Coupon number: 3E58-7H4K-9XKH-5C32

Udemy Link:

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Also, please Join my Patreon page to download other Project files; Watch more Videos and receive Technical Support. Finally, check out my New channels below:


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