Monday, 4 June 2018

My Weekly Live Webinar Tutorials 17:00 PM GMT: Create Amazing 3d spaces with Vray, 3dsmax & PS

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For $7 USD, this Unique Live Webinar Video will take You through the Amazing process of setting up the Gym space in 3ds max/VRay, render, and do the final post production.

The Webinar Video and the 3d scene will be automatically available for download, by clicking on the paypal link below:

$7.00 Paypal link

-This also includes Technical support for 30 days.

This Webinar video and the 3d scene are FREE for my Patreon supporters.

The Webinar Video will include an in-depth step-by-step process of the following:

1-Setting up Render parameters

2-Creating shaders/textures


4-Fine tune the scene for test renders

5-Final tweaks on shaders/textures, global parameters and render elements for final renders


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