Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Blog

Hi All,

After careful consideration, I had decided to create my own blog. The long delay was mainly due to lack of time.
Now that most of my work commitments are out of the way; I can now dedicate more time to this new blog.

Checkout below my other Courses with High Resolution Videos, 3d Project files and Textures included.

Course 1: Exterior Daylight with V-Ray + 3ds Max + Photoshop  

Course 2: Exterior Night with V-Ray + 3ds Max + Photoshop

Course 3: Interior Daylight with V-Ray + 3ds Max + Photoshop

Course 4: Interior Night with V-Ray + 3ds Max + Photoshop

Course 5: Studio Lights with V-Ray + 3ds Max + Photoshop

Course 6: Planning Applications for Verified Views

Course 7: 3d People + 3ds Max + VRay + Photoshop 

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    Good stuff! Now we can hear more from you about your work ad upcoming projects like your new Book about Mental Ray..

    Shoaib Khan

  2. HI, I AM A 3DMAX BEGINNER..I NNED TO KNOW WHERE CAN I GET ARCH & DESIGN material from mental ray for free...because i was surfing the internet and all sites ask me to pay for you know where can i get a free arch & design mental ray material


    my e-mail:

  3. Hi there MAHATMA_T.REX2009 ,

    Arch & Design shaders come free with 3Ds Max already.One only requires to enable it .