Friday, 11 December 2009

Rendering: mental ray_Relative Intensity of Highlights

Often, just leaving mental ray and its shaders to work out the highlights isn’t enough.
There is a function named relative intensity of highlights. It is very useful to “boost up” highlights that are not very apparent on the surface. It can be found on the advanced rendering options parameters, under the advanced reflectivity options group.

For the above image I had increased its values to about 30 however, depending on the specific scene one may be required to increase or decrease these values.By the way, this chrome material was applied to all the metal frames by the door entrance and windows.

Note: These values only affect objects that already have some sort of shine on them and somewhat being affected the by light.

Moreover, the visible area lights cause no highlights function could also be unchecked to further increase the highlights however, it is not always required.

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