Wednesday, 30 November 2011

3D Realism Practical & Easy Workflows (First Manual) Patreon

 More chapters will be serialized soon...

It has always been my ambition, to be able to dedicate my Full Time helping and sharing my knowledge/experience with up-and-coming 3d artists, as well as Veterans.   

Due to pressing work commitments, it has been difficult to fulfil this long time passion of mine, wholly.  

However, my free time (...dwindling ever so much), is spent publishing free content on this blog. 

Recently, I have been presented with an opportunity to fully serialize many of my tutorials.   In order to do it diligently, I will be required to take some time off my normal work.   

By supporting this project, as my Patron, in Patreon , YOU will enable me to dedicate more of my time publishing/serializing this content, and future ones!   

Without Your invaluable support this project will drag on for a lot longer than necessary! 

For more information about becoming my Patron, please visit my Patreon page on:

Thank you ever so much for your support 



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