Friday, 15 January 2010

3d: Article featured in 3D World Magazine

Hi All,

I have recently contributed to an article about mental ray, in the issue 126 of 3D World magazine (page 53). If, perchance, you manage to see a copy of that particular magazine, have a good read and give me your critical observation, please.  

More tips and Tricks:

Post-production techniques

Tips & tricks for architectural Visualisation: Part 1

Essential tips & tricks for VRay & mental ray

Photorealistic Rendering

Creating Customised IES lights

Realistic materials

Creating a velvet/suede material 





  1. The Companion Web address to download the projects and other book contents can be found:

    On page X of the book (i.e. last page of the "contents" section, across the top).



  2. Dear Jamie,

    I have a quick question if you wouldn't mind answering? I have tried to download the projects from the webpage specified above but they will not open. I am working in 3DsMax 2009. It is coming up with an 'unknown class, no stand in' error. I have researched online and it seems that this may be due to backwards compatibility. What version of 3Ds Max are the downloadable files created in?

    Do you offer earlier versions? Thank you for your time.

    Laura Whitaker

  3. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your very interesting question.

    As mentioned in the book (i.e. preface; back cover; etc), the files were created in Max Design 2010; therefore, the so-called error “unknown class...” message.

    For what it’s worth, you can download for free, the full version of Max Design 2010 from Autodesk website, for a 30 days’ trial.
    Thirty days should be more than sufficient to go through the entire book.

    I hope this helps.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused!



  4. I have also one query:
    If that is second edition, the book I found on Amazon:
    is the first edition. This first edition has got "search inside" option, where the 2nd doesnt. My question is: are the chapters more less the same? Because I dont know which one to buy. I am interested in interiors and the first one looks more appealing..
    Looking forward to your advise.. Thanks!

  5. Hi Asia,

    Thank you very much for your query!!

    The second edition is far more up to date and complete than its predecessor (i.e. tailored for Max Design 2010).

    This latest edition not only includes better/superior content and versions of scenes featured in the first edition, but new complex scenes based in real projects.

    Finally, as previously mentioned:

    3D Photomontage

    .Verified views

    .Lighting large interior spaces such as Atriums (i.e. cover image)

    .Lighting medium size night interior scenes

    .Lighting medium size daylight interior scenes

    .Lighting exterior scenes with mr Daylight system

    .Mr Physical Sky

    .Network rendering

    .Batch render

    .Mental Ray settings

    .Mental Ray Proxies

    .Overview of most mental ray shaders

    .Cad Transfer

    .Common Errors

    .More bonus material covering most mental ray tips and tricks; texture baking; caustics; camera effects and much more.

  6. ...moreover, if you don't have Max design 2010, my best suggestion is to download a complete version of Max for free (i.e.30 days trial version), from Autodesk website.

    Thirty days is more than sufficient to go through the entire book.

    My 20 cents worth