Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Autodesk: mental ray_Light lister

The Light lister tool is quite powerful to control and change numerous light settings in the Max scene.

The light lister is mostly used to:

a)-Select and/or change specific light settings in the Max scene.

b)-Identify and delete incompatible/undesired lights in the scene. It is worth clicking the refresh button every time a light is deleted.

If you have a long list of lights but, you just want to see the selected ones displayed, simply enable the, selected lights function.

Instanced lights are often displayed in sets. To select the entire set, simply click on its respective button to the left of the light name.

From each set there is dropdown list with all instanced lights. To view them, simply click on the relevant set.

Most light names, intensity colours, values, tick boxes etc are changeable; even when frozen in the scene.

I hope you have found this article somehow useful!


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