Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Interior design

Hi Everyone,🎄

The above Interior Design 3d render is one of the twelve I have recently created for a client, using 3ds Max, V-Ray 5 and Photoshop.

The main brief for this specific shot was to frame it in such a way that the main focus would be in capturing the physical properties of key materials such as the leather, the wood finish and the reflective  graphic wall reacting to the custom artificial light fixtures.     

The next phase of this project is to create more of these spaces in Unreal Engine with an App I'm currently developing, to host interior designs in my AWS server (using pixel streaming), to ultimately provide the client with the full flexibility to navigate the scene, view it from any angle, and instantly take as many high resolution renders as desired, at their own time and leisure, while using devices such a mobile phone, an iPad or a low spec computer from 1994 .     

If/when allowed, I'll be able to create a quick tutorial depicting the process of creating this specific 3d shot. 

I really hope you like the above interior design render.


Finally, I have just published a New Book with Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, entitled,  

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max 2020: 3D Rendering Workflows

Click on the image below to find out more about my new book.


P.S: Take care and Stay Safe  

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